Monday, January 16, 2017

Vernacular - It's not our Language, but our minds that are still slaves!

The title to this blog is inspired by my Cousin's recent blog

“Vernacular” – our languages are not of slaves

The contents of the blog below are a few months old, that I compiled when I went through the thoughts of someone I admire -  HISTORY BOOKS ARE NOT SERVING THEIR PURPOSE

Finally, my thoughts have found their way to this place just now.

Vernacular - It's not our Language, but our minds that are still slaves!


This is for all those  - like me - trained to think in English!!!

Just see three words I have come across, which we regularly use..
1. Vernacular
2. Mythology
3. Mutt

They look innocuous, right?

Now see the implications in the commonly used context...

1. English is English; but Marathi, Bengali, Telugu are all vernacular languages...
2. Mahabharat and Ramayan are among the most popular stories in Indian Mythology
3. The Sringeri Mutt, Kashi Mutt and Kanchi Mutt are among the ancient Spiritual centres of ancient India. 

Still seems fine, right?

Now check the dictionary meaning of each..
1. Vernacular is language of slaves -

Have you ever heard anyone say, English is the vernacular language of Britain/US, or Chinese is the vernacular language of China? Neither of these countries were ever ruled by foreigners...

2. Mythology is 'logy' of 'myths' , that is a study of 'Myths'; Meaning of "Myth" is self explanatory... for which there is no scientific basis...

3. Mutt = a dog that does not have a pedigree..

If this has shocked you, what can be done?

Make sure you use alternative words for the same situation...

1. Call Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Gujarati as Local/Native Languages
2. Call Ramayan and Mahabharat as 'puranas', ''epics' OR part of ancient scriptures... Anything but Mythology...
3. Spell out the centres of ancient learning by transliteration of рдорда  - Shringeri Math (or Matha as South Indians will spell it), Kashi Math and Kanchi Math

These are the few words that have come to my notice, since this dawned on me. Comments, additions, corrections are welcome!

Until this is correction is done, Macaulay will be ROLF, even in his grave! And we will continue to be called Macaulay's Children...

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2. For once, EVEN PAKISTAN thinks the same!

FINALLY, this is a really nice piece - a perfect case of "The Tail Wagging the Dog"?